HY4200 3 wheel sugarcane loader

Product:Sugarcane loader


Grapple weight: 5400mm

Engine model: 4BT3.9-C80

Rated power: 80HP

Engine brand: Cummins

The weight of the whole machine: 4210kg

Larger grasping weight: 600KG

Work efficiency: 1000kg/min

System pressure: 20Mpa

Larger flow rate: 63ml/r/63 ml/r

Gradeability: 25%

Greater traction: 29KN

Speed: ≤12km/h

Machine size (L×W×H): 5900*2200*2300mm

Small ground clearance: 533mm

Wheelbase: 1780mm

Wheelbase: 3062mm

Standard tires: 14.9-30 (double front) 10-16.5 (single rear)


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