360 degree rotation sugarcane loader

Product:Sugarcane loader



  Total width: 2050mm

  Total height: 2800mm

  Total length: 6400mm

  Ground clearance of counterweight: 950mm

  Small ground clearance: 300mm

  Gauge: 1650mm

  Wheelbase: 2330mm

  Dozer blade width: 2020mm

  Dozer blade height: 450mm

  Grip opening size: 1240mm

  Snatch weight: 500kg

Scope of work

  Large loading range 7500mm

  Large unloading height 4500mm

    Larger gripping weight 500kg

Technical Parameters

   power output; 55kw

   Working pressure: 21mpa

   Rated flow: 2x58L/min

  Rated flow: 2x27ml/r

   Rotation speed: 12rpm

   Walking speed: 0-25km/h

  Greater traction force: 44KN

   Larger torque: 250N.m/1800rpm

   climbing ability: 55%

   Fuel tank: 125L

   Hydraulic oil tank: 110L

   Tires: 750-16

   Drive form: Four-wheel drive


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